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Urban Birds – 2023

The project has formed in fall/winter 2023 when I took my few months old daughter for daily walks in the surroundings of the Old Danube in Vienna. It wasn't planed to take pictures of birds, it was more of a spontaneous reaction to my environment. I had my camera with me, and I had only one goal in mind: Taking pictures of subjects by heart. No composition in mind, no technical dialing, no planing. 

After a few weeks, I realized that I have collected numerous pictures of birds. During the fall/winter season in Vienna we have cold and rainy days, sometimes days with strong gusts of wind and sometimes a mixture of both, but no matter what weather conditions we had, the birds were always there. They had their own places where they lived in smaller or larger groups. I wondered if some birds even know they are living in a city because it seemed as they never left their neighborhood. Once in a while I saw how different species were interacting with each other. Not in a defensive way but more in a curious manner. It felt at times as if they took care of each other.

The pictures are meant to reflect the world of the birds in a place they call home. We are an observer in their habitat, and we should respect their needs of privacy and unpolluted environment. 

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